Monday, November 11, 2013

The Goals of See It All

I love exhibitions. As a life-long museum junkie (and 20-odd year museum professional), I've seen hundreds- probably thousands of exhibitions at museums all over the world, and I've been on the creative side of a fair few as well. A constant fascination for me has been the experience of an exhibit. Aside from the real or claimed merits of the objects and content on view, what is the show like to the visitor walking through it. Is it clear? Are the objects presented effectively? Does the supporting content enhance or distract from the overall experience? And lastly, who is the exhibition for?

And then there's the Boston-area. I love that too. A wonderful, intellectually-vibrant community with an impressive (but manageable) portfolio of large and small museums that present a kaleidoscope of exhibitions year in and year out. A fantastic environment for the avid museum-goer.

One resource I've always longed for was a centralized overview of what was going on in museum galleries around the area. Sure, there are various newspaper and online listings- typically in excruciatingly small print- that might carry a one- or two sentence plug for the show. But how about a survey of highlights that gave a slightly more in-depth description of what one could expect to see? It is into this breach that I hope to step.

-Vident Omnes

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